Windermere Ready

Help your clients maximize their home value.

A small upfront investment can yield a big payoff when selling a home. To help with that process, Windermere Ready provides the funds to cover the costs of things like painting, landscaping, cleaning, and staging.

Sell for more, in less time

Before applying, meet with your client to determine their home improvement budget by creating a list of projects with the highest return on investment.

Fast and easy application process

Quick approval and funding

Fees are financed into the loan

6% loan fee and third-party fees

Choose your own vendors

Or sellers can do the work themselves

Upgrade now, pay later

No payments due before closing

Sell for more

Invest in projects that provide a high return


Windermere Ready loan recipients receive up to $100,000 to pay for upgrades such as:

❱ Cleaning services

❱ Repairs and replacements

❱ Painting and renovations

❱ Landscaping

❱ Staging services